Insulated Render Systems

Davidge Spray Renders are proud to be one of the few national applicants of JUB products

JUB’s range of external insulation systems are designed to provide significant improvements in the thermal performance of new and refurbished buildings.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is widely becoming the best option for achieveing the most efficient energy saving solutions for new-builds and refurbishments across the UK today.

JUB offers two system types each with a range of modern insulation materials that include expanded polystyrene (EPS), phenolic foam boards and mineral fibre. The systems are designed to enable various methods of fixing to be employed, depending on the substrate condition and type.

  • JUB EPS System is a lightweight, low density system employing expanded polystyrene insulation with adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings.
  • JUB Mineral Fibre System is mineral fibre insulation based system employing adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings.
  • JUB Phenolic System is a high thermal resistance, low-profile rigid phenolic foam insulation board system with adhesive and mechanical dowel fixings.
  • JUB Cavity Rail Systems employ either mineral fibre and/or low density expanded polystyrene insulation boards with a track or rail fixing system enabling the formation of drained cavities to satisfy NHBC requirements.

JUB External Wall Insulation Systems are complimented by an extensive range of decorative options including acrylic and silicone textured render coatings as well as waterproof coatings.